Find Your Moms Favorite Designer Bags At A Discounted Price!

A designer handbag, tote, leather good. A breed on its own that is, the world of luxury leather goods. Thanks to a few great online and In-person stores we are now able to more comfortably afford a luxury for someone we care about. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and graduations. With Discounts this great. It wouldn’t hurt to set a few extra minutes aside to check out these links, who knows what hidden gems you might find! 

Featured Brands in this post: The RealReal, Rebag, Tradesy, ThreadUP, Poshmark, and Nordstrom Rack.

Your favorite luxury goods are now available at the palm of your hands with these top consignment stores today. 

First Up: The RealReal

With the base of The RealReals advertising being marketed by todays top influencers, The RealReal has been one of the most popular online consignment stores of 2021. On The RealReal you will be able to find trendy goods as well as classics. Like many other consignment shops. The RealReal offers a variety of categories to choose from. On this shop you will be able to find everything from designer phone cases, all the way to vintage Hermes. Make sure to sign up for their emails as they tend to host sale events occasionally! 

Next Up: Rebag

If you were looking to shop with Rebag, now may be the best time as the online luxury consignment store is offering a promotion of $200 towards your first purchase if you sign up for their emails! Rebag offers a variety of categories as well but you could say they are a brand that may be more selective with the products they purchase. Different from other consignment stores, you can walk into a real life Rebag shop near you! No need to hassle with frustrating emails or customer service over the phone, With nine locations feel free to walk into a Rebag and as they would say, “Buy, Sell & Exchange in stores.” 

Next Up: Tradesy

If you were looking to find something for the special man in your life Tradesy may not be the website for you, as they currently do not offer products for men or children. However if you were looking more for accessories such as, shoes and sunnies Tradesy would be the place to look. Tradesy also offers an individual section dedicated to weddings! As well as an easy to navigate section for vintage items. Tradesy is also offering an additional 10% off now when you sign up for their email listing.

Next Up: ThreadUP

ThreadUP is offering 50% your first order today! ThreadUP is one of the more interesting consignment stores online. With a more interactive was to shop and a fun interface. ThreadUP is also a great option for the people out their who want to support businesses who also seem to care about the environment. ThreadUP recycles or donates unwanted goods. Again this is another consignment store that does not provide mens options however, ThreadUP may be one of the top websites with the lowest prices when it comes to luxury goods. 

Next Up: Poshmark

You are all probably familiar with Poshmark. However, you may be hearing it here for the first time that they offer a variety of luxury goods! It may be a little harder to find what you’re looking for on this website. However, one thing that is great about shopping on Poshmark is that you are able to send the seller direct comments as well as counter offers. If you also sell on Poshmark this may be a great way to trade and or use the funds you made in the app!

Next Up: Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack is going to be one of the stores in this post that you may want to shop in-person instead of online. As each individual store may be holding a luxury good that is not present online. Nordstrom Rack’s offer a small sectioned off variety of luxury items from brands such as: Kate Spade, Michael Kors, and Gucci. 

In conclusion wether you are looking for a new good for yourself or someone special in your life, these may be a few great options to surf through. Pro tip: search through these sites with a plan of attack of what you’re looking for because these websites offer such a variety of options it will be helpful to utilize the filters as well as the search bar to look for your specific gift idea!

Thank you for tuning into another blog post from us!